Issue with www subdomain not resolving correctly after removing domain from Cloudflare


I am facing an issue with my domain. The domain resolves correctly when accessed without the “www” prefix, but when trying to access with www, I encounter a Error 1001 indicating it’s on the Cloudflare network. However, I have already removed all configurations from Cloudflare for this domain, and the DNS settings are managed through GoDaddy.

Here’s a summary of the actions taken and the current configurations:

  1. All Cloudflare configurations for have been removed.
  2. DNS settings are managed through GoDaddy.
  3. A record for “www” is properly configured on GoDaddy to point to the correct IP address/domain and is correct in a dns checker.

Despite these configurations, I am still facing the issue where www is not accessible and throws a Cloudflare Error 1001. I have also cleared the DNS cache on my machine to ensure that old DNS records are not causing this issue.

Thank you!

It looks like redirects to, which works OK.

But gets stuck. This looks like a (web, not DNS) server configuration problem.

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