Issue with WWW redirect

Hi there,

I have an issue: if I write www. it is redirect to / (without www) .

Even though it works what I’d like to get it’s the opposite… I’ll try to explain:


www. ->

I’d like to have instead:

www. -> www.
-> www.

I put Cloudflare DNS instead my provider ones and added a CNAME record in cloidflare

What I should do to fix it?
I hope was clear enough

Thank you so much for your help

So you want your naked domain to be redirected to your “www” host?

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Hi Sandro,
yes I had a look before at the tutorial, but when I add a A record with ‘@’ and dummy IP I get this error:
‘a CNAME already exists with that host’
I put before this CNAME to redirect my new domain to hosting domain like this:


and plus I put a Page rule like this:
to-> www.

But no luck so far.

Can you explain slightly deeper the actions I have to perform to solve this? Thanks a LOT!

Remove all A and CNAME records with “” as name and try to set up the record again.

Thanks Sandro for replying. Actually I did as you suggested. The result is that now is redirect to www., but neither nor www. redirect now to my hosting site
So whever I put either or www. the browser gets me error. I suppose because that I have deleted the CNAME that forwards to my hosted subdomine teachable where my site is.
Could you give a tip? Thanks a lot!

Well, you wanted the redirect to “www”, right? So what is the question about If you have a CNAME it will point to that server - and your domain needs to be configured there - but it wont redirect to such an address.

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