Issue with website loading info due to Cloudflare


I have a web hosting package with a domain from a provider but we decided to setup a VPS for our hosting instead and configure the DNS settings to use the domain through our new VPS, we then setup Cloudflare and updated nameservers, DNS etc, all was well.

But now I am having a weird issue which I think is Cloudflare, basically when I go to the IP address of my VPS and view the website, it works 100% fine but when I go to the doman link for my website, some data doesn’t load such as the sub-menu categories when I hover, or when I add a product to my cart, the modal appears but just has a loader that never stops

Does anyone know what this issue could be?

Something to mention, my website/cms/ecommerce site is a custom build website which also has a “Activate HTTPS” setting in the admin panel but when I turn that on the whole site crashes also, which I think is conflicting with Cloudflare, but I could be wrong of course,

Any help please

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