Issue with Website DNS Update Not Propagating

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to report an issue I’ve encountered with my website’s DNS records. Approximately 48 hours ago, I updated the DNS records to point my website to a new IP address. However, I’ve noticed that the website is still resolving to the old IP address.

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Is your hostname :orange: proxied? You won’t publicly see any change to proxied addresses. Your visitors will continue connecting to the Cloudflare proxy at the fans addresses they have always used. The change occurred in where the Cloudflare proxy forwards those connections.

If you would like the Community to offer more specific answers, please provide your domain name and more details such as the hostname you are updating, what you expect will happen, and what actually happened.

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I updated the A record for the domain name to direct it to a new IP address. However, it appears to still be pointing to the old IP, as confirmed by a DNS checker. Additionally, the domain name is currently proxied.

Your apex name returns two WPEngine IPs. Are you still using WPEngine?

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