Issue with web analytics site

I have a website added onto web analytics with JS installation done in September 2020. The script for js is added just before the ending body tag. The web analytics worked for months then suddenly went inactive but got active again after a few days. Idk if this could be a bug but this has gone inactive again and I am not sure if this is intended or not.

Mine say that when there’s not much traffic

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Try to manually insert the script to your webpage header if automatic is not working for you.

It’s added manually too. I will probably wait for some traffic if that fixes it.

It’s weird they changed the way it’s added. They added an automatic method where it says no traffic but there’s a second old listing of my old manual installation that does have it.

apparently, new traffic made it active again.

So for any user wondering about inactive js installation, its due to traffic on ur websites. Once ur traffic starts to arrive again, analytics will work again.