Issue with "Under Attack Mode" Causing Error for Some Visitors

We’re facing issues with “Under Attack Mode” on our site, Some users are encountering an HTTP 405 error page after completing the captcha challenge. What’s puzzling is that this issue isn’t consistent for all users. We’re confused about the unexpected switch from GET to POST and the failure to serve the webpage.

This inconsistency in behavior is disrupting our user experience and traffic flow. Any assistance you can provide to address this matter would be greatly appreciated. Can you help us figure out what’s causing this?

Thank you for your support in resolving this issue.

Are you actually under attack? Under attack mode isn’t meant as a hard filtering continuous use tool, it’s to keep things going when you are in a storm while you weather it or prepare defences.

If not under attack, use the “high” security mode for maximum protection in normal circumstances.

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@sjr I get your point but I wanted to understand the behaviour and why it only affects some users and not all.

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