Issue with Tunnel Status Notifications

I’m encountering an issue with the tunnel status notifications. While test notifications seem to work perfectly, I’m not receiving any alerts when a tunnel goes down, even though I’ve set up notifications for any changes related to that tunnel. Has anyone else faced this problem or have any insights?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Just checking the obvious first, you’ve set the notification like this…

Do you get a notification when the tunnel comes back up?

I find that sometimes if the tunnel goes down and then comes back up quite quickly (due to a short internet outage at a site) I don’t get the down notification, maybe due to the timeout of the tunnel check, or because it flaps up and down in a short timescale and waits until the state has settled to report it.

Yes, the same settings of the trigger.
Yes, I got it when restarted my server manually.
No, a tunnel was down until I restarted it, and no notifications.
When the tunnel was down I sent myself a test notification because I thought my webhook was broken, but no, I received a test notification :wink:

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