Issue with tunnel and public hostname inserting ":80" when adding a subdirectory

Here's the issue:
- I have a tunnel setup via Access.
- I've setup several URLs with stuff like,, etc... and they all work
- I've setup my main URL, to point to my web host on a Synology NAS.
- When I type in " it takes me to the web page at the root of my web server via an ssl connection (port 443).
- When I type in something like "" it is converted to "" and does not work.

I cannot figure out why the ":80" port gets added to the url.  If I remove the ":80" it works and takes me to the webpage in the "/test` subdirectory.

I'm not sure if this is a Cloudflare or Synology issue.  I've reviewed all of the setup in both system and cannot find what is causing this to happen.