Issue with transferring registrar to Cloudflare

Auth code not accepted at Cloudflare to transfer registar from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

I am trying to change registrars for a few domains.

They are currently in grace status and I have already received the authorization codes to transfer to Cloudflare.

When I try to transfer or add domains to Cloudflare, CF barks that the nameservers must be changed to Cloudflare. They are all set to Cloudflare on Namecheap. Cloudflare treats the nameservers as Namecheap’s parked registrar which does not allow transfers.

from Namecheap’s chat:

Recently, you contacted our Live Chat support and this is a follow-up ticket to our conversation. Feel free to use engagement ID NC-AH-8254 for reference.

The domains expired recently, but they are unlocked and you were provided with the Auth codes needed to submit the transfer.

Firstly, as one of the Cloudflare requirements for incoming domain transfers is to have the domain pointed to their nameservers, it is required to renew the domains first in order to set up their nameservers.

As for the proof that the nameservers for Namecheap domains are changed after the expiration, you are welcome to refer to this knowledgebase article:

Regarding the nameservers, there is no technical possibility for us to change them after the domain’s expiration.

You can renew your expired domains with the help of this guide:

Once it is done, you are welcome to proceed with the nameservers change and transfer submission. This knowledgebase article may be helpful: It will be required to select Custom DNS.

After the transfer is initiated, it takes up to 5-7 days to be completed. However, you may speed up the process. It is possible to speed up the transfer via the transfer-out notification email (Standardized Form Of Authorization) from [email protected]. You will see there a statement “If you want to speed up the transfer, please go to our website” There it is necessary to click on the “website” word and approve the transfer.

The transfer confirmation email will be delivered to registrant’s email address. Once that is done, the domain will appear at the new registrar in a few hours.

Secondly, according to the ICANN, a domain that was renewed after expiration and transferred between registrars within 45 days after the expiration date (that is, the previous expiration date by the moment of transfer) will get only 1 renewal year in total, not 2 as it might be expected. In this situation, the registry removes a year added by the previous registrar, and the domain will get only 1 year from the new registrar.

Regarding the, as the other company is responsible for .TV domains, we don’t have accurate information about the possibility of a refund in this case. We can contact them and clarify it. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that they will reply quickly. If we do not receive a response after 5 days, we will get back to you.

Another option is to transfer the domain immediately after the renewal, but with no refund.

We are sorry that you have faced such an inconvenience and will do our best to help you figure it out.

We are looking forward to your reply.

You cannot transfer to Cloudflare Registrar if the domain is expired or within 15 days of expiration.

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