Issue with transferring DNS from one CloudFlare account to another

Hi there,

Two weeks ago I changed the Name Servers for from pam.ns.cloudflare |
woz.ns.cloudflare to gordon.ns.cloudflare | jessica.ns.cloudflare, not realising that the first set of NS’s was with a 10XPro account which had an intricate setup for a subdomain. After the change, the subdomain didn’t work anymore.

Now I am trying, since Friday to revert the change, but it is not resolving properly. There are mixed results when I do an NS lookup -

Please advise why this would be such an issue?

It sounds like you moved the domain to a different Cloudflare account and now don’t have the necessary DNS records. Can you check the old account for the DNS records? The only way to revert back to the old name servers would be to move the domain back to that account. Though I wouldn’t guarantee the DNS records would still be there. They usually are.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my query. It seems everything is resolved now. It took longer than usual to propagate properly. And the authoritative account needed to re-import my Zone file.

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