Issue with The website, Its redirecting to different web pages

My website is redirecting to different webpages … i moved my dns records to cloud flare 10-25 days ago and got my ssl activated… since then it was working fine,. Now facing this issue …what shall i do do

On your server? You do have a certificate on your server, right?

I activated a ssl certificate on the website through cloudflare

So you don’t have a certificate on your server?

i dont think so …how can i check

shall i contact my server people and ask now

Your host should be able to tell you if you have a certificate or not.

It will be best to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), fix whatever needs fixing on your server, make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS, and only once all of that works you can unpause Cloudflare.

when paused it …it shows potentially unwanted risk …and this link

Great, now proceed with that.

what could be he reason for this sandro

and also tell me whats the benefit of getting it paused … moreover can you please tell me any other thing apart from ssl needs fixing

I am afraid that’s something you need to clarify with your host. You have a rather broken setup with no valid certificate and content you don’t expect. You need to fix both first. Your host should be able to help you.

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Is the domain yours?

i just had a word with hosting people …i have a secured ssl in my server

You sure?

yes …

I am afraid that is not the case.

Similar error message to mine

Sure, the OP hasn’t fixed the SSL issue yet.

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