Issue With SubDomain Reverse DNS

I have a root domain that is set up to use my main mail server which resolves properly & able to send/receive mail.
I’ve added a subdomain for a site that is hosted on a different server, using it’s own mail server. I’ve added all the required MX/TXT/PTR entries & ran some tests. The new subdomain IP address is resolving to a Cloudflare public IP address instead of the actual hostname of the server, resulting in only being able to receive mail & not send.

I have tried with orange & grey cloud for the domain & does not make a difference, keeps resolving to the Cloudflare IP.

PTR entries at Cloudflare don’t do anything for Reverse DNS. You need to set reverse DNS at the host. If you post the subdomain name, we can take a closer look.

What error are you getting when you try to send?

It looks pretty good. MX records is aliased to your actual server, so it’s not a surprise that inbound mail works. SPF and DKIM look good, but it lacks DMARC.

Try this outbound test:

p.s. If you :grey: something, it takes five minutes for DNS to propagate, which may be why you’re still setting a Cloudflare IP after you switch it to :grey:

p.p.s. It looks like you’re using Vultr for that subdomain. You can set reverse DNS from the IPv4 settings for that server at Vultr.

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