Issue with subdomain certificate in a specific scenario


I have 2 sites, setup completely the same way, but 1 is bugging in only a specific scenari. I have setup certbot certificates, the SSL/TLS certificates is in Full mode, and the www. version of the sites are setup as CNAMEs to their non-www versions.

One of the sites is subdomain of the other.

The first site, let’s say it is site.geo.tld, works fine when I visit it like:

For the second site there is issue in only one scenario. All of the following work fine:

But, but, when i visit: I am presented with the following error:

Chrome: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH (uses an unsupported protocol)

I have no idea why this might me happening, since the 2 sites are setup identically. Would someone happen to have even a slight idea, what may be causing this behavior?


The should be Full (Strict) since you’re using Certbot.

I’m surprised this works, but the underlying issue you’re facing is most likely due to this:

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