Issue With SSL / Permissions / DNS Settings

I am trying to diagnose the specific issue using Cloudflare and what the proper configuration for allowing a connection with Zapier. It appears to be an issue with SSL and permissions I set in CF.

Not sure if it has to do with Page Rules, DNS / Proxy Settings or SSL/TLS settings. I have gotten mixed feedback to no avail so far through other channels.


  1. Woo Commerce store installed on Wordpress (hosted with Flywheel)

  2. When an order is made, we want to trigger automation in Mail Chimp

  3. We are using Zapier to make the connection and have the plugin successfully installed

  4. When I ADD Woo Commerce to Zapier, I get an error message as follows

Our current thinking is that I need to dust settings in Cloudflare but I do not know what.

Here are the DNS settings:

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

That domain has valid HTTPS. I suggest you contact Zapier for clarification, as your site is definitely working with HTTPS.

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