Issue with SPF Settings and Email Routing

Currently, I find myself in a situation where I can either successfully route emails or receive them, but not both simultaneously. Upon adding the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) settings for my domain, I have noticed that I am able to successfully send emails. However, it appears that this action inadvertently disables the email routing functionality.

Naturally, this has caused significant disruption to my email communication, as I am unable to maintain both sending and receiving capabilities concurrently.

This would indicate you have the domain configure with a service that provides email (e.g. Rackspace, Google, Zoho, Fastmail.)

So the question is, why are you using Email Routing?

If you search through other posts on this topic you’d would note that it and but or—Email Routing or (full/proper) Email.

I am using Routing feature with combination of Gmail to send and receive Emails directly from Gmail. It was working fine not sure what changed in Cloudflare which caused the issue to appear.

It can be solved by including our own spf settings lets say

v=spf1 ~all

However after few hours cloudflare would revert these settings back and the problem will start again.

v=spf1 ~all