Issue with SMTP email and clients' login


I’m new to cloudflare, recently my website got ddos frequently, so i subscribe to cloudflare pro plan. it set some firewall to block the country of not my business area, it seem works but i facing 2 critical issues:

  1. all my clients unable to access their client’s area with invalid login error whereby i tried using their credentials it works for my network but not them. Then i tried to change back the nameserver to the origin before changed to cloudflare’s, it work again. how to solve this issue? or it just propagating?

  2. my website SMTP mail server failed, the system unable to perform task due to failure to sent out confirmation email which is very important for the operation, even i changed back to the origin nameserver, the problem persist

Glad if anyone could help

#CommunityTip error

Example Search

#communitytip 521 error

Hi @omegahawk82,

Cloudflare shouldn’t cause an invalid login error on your site

Are you bypassing Cloudflare for your site on your own network?

This means it is unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue, however troubleshooting mail info can be found at Email Troubleshooting.

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