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Hi all.

I recently switched from CloudFront to Cloudflare. It has been working great so far, but all of my customers who are running my website in a Samsung TV browser - or Samsung Smart TV, can’t open my site, it just seems to load forever. But it works fine as soon as I switch back to CloudFront.

Any clue what the issue might be? I read somewhere that it might be related to the certificate, if that’s the case is there anything I can do?

Thank you.


It is probably an issue with SNI support in the Samsung browser. You might try a dedicated cert


Hey @cscharff I will definitely give it a try. Do you know if there will be any disruption on the SSL cert on my site if I order a dedicated cert?


Shouldn’t be. The old one isn’t revoked, just a new one added and given higher priority.


What kind of SNI support issue? I thought dedicated certs still require SNI on the browser.


I’ve ordered a dedicated SSL cert, which will hopefully fix the issue, whatever the issue may be in Samsung TV browsers. It’s really hard to check if it’s fixed since I don’t know anyone who owns a Samsung TV with a built in browser, going to check if there’s any emulator available.

I’ll make sure to post here once I can confirm if dedicated SSL cert fixed the issue.


I have a Samsung TV with a browser. I can check it once you install the cert.


Ah amazing! Can you check if works for you? If not, could you also try (uses a cert on AWS)


@sdayman Did you get any chance today to try it out? Thanks.


Thanks for the reminder. The family was finishing up watching a movie. main page works. White background, some pink, and some sample pictures (they looked low-res). Didn’t dive any deeper.


Ok thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Is your Samsung TV a recent model, from 2017+? Thanks.


I’m pretty sure I got it in 2017.

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