Issue with role

Hi, I havedomain from godaddy where I’ve created my website via Wordpress (hosted via Cloudflare). I use to have admin access but it looks like now I am only an author on that website and therefore, I have no way to contact wordpress support (only admins can connect to Wordpress support). I need whatever help you can provide.


hmm, no, hosted by godaddy from the sounds of it, Cloudflare is not a host, exceptions apply, but not here.

You can get help on wordpress from a lot of places, some members of this site use it. Did you just forget the admin login url or credentials?

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No, I did not forget the creds, it seems the developer who made the website still had access and somehow changed my (owner) role to author and now I can’t get wordpress support (live chat), it only goes to forum, there’s no phone # to contact wordpress either

You need to get in contact with your developer and ask them to change the role back, I don’t think this is something anyone here can assist with.


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