Issue with redirection

We have added the site in Cloudflare and activated the SSL certificate but the site is not working with https.

It is showing Error 526

You need to fix your server certificate. You best pause Cloudflare for now, make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS, and unpause Cloudflare only once it works.

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Can you please guide on how to do that?

To pause Cloudflare open the overview page on Cloudflare and choose the pause button at the bottom right of the page. As for the certificate on your server, that’s something you need to talk to your host to.

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But we need to make the website work on https from Cloudflare itself. Do you have any solution for that?

You can get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare, but you will still need to install this on your server.

So, what you are trying to say is that once we get the SSL from Cloudflare then we need to install that certificate on our server also?

That is what I said. First your server needs to be secure.