Issue with query string on an SPA in workers


We’re having trouble with our Worker deployed SPA. It seems like query strings are being handled differently than regular requests. Within the SPA if directed to the page with the query string the router catches it and displays it correctly.

ie. Visit Solid · Reactive Javascript Library then click “Solve” at the bottom left or Solid · Reactive Javascript Library then change the language to Italian (notice lang= in the query).

If you hard refresh these pages you get:

could not find guide/index.html in your content namespace

We have disabled query string caching in the back-end. Our worker is generally the recommended SPA worker. You can find our source here: solid-site/index.js at master · solidjs/solid-site · GitHub

This doesn’t make much sense because the resource doesn’t exist in the KV so it should be bootstrapping to index.html.

Any guidance/suggestions would be appreciated.

Hmmmm, anyone have any suggestions??

Having the same issue.
I guess workers-site/index.js needs to be patched, but not sure exactly how.

Did anyone managed to solve this?