Issue with QR codes rerouting to home page after passing site security check

We have a QR code which routes visitors to our events page. However, when someone scans the QR code, Cloudflare shows the “Checking the site connection security” window briefly, and then reroutes the user to our home page instead of the events page URL in the QR code. We’ve tried adjusting many settings but can’t figure out how to stop Cloudflare from redirecting to our home page every time they pass the security check. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does the same thing happen if you just enter the url directly?

Hi cloonan. Thanks for your reply. It’s doing it when someone scans the QR code for the first time, and/or types in the URL for the first time. Or, if they are using an Incognito or Private tab in the browser, it happens almost every time. This only started happening in the past month or so. The URL for the QR code is sbhumane[dot]org/wildwest, but it reroutes the user to the home page sbhumane[dot]org the first time they try. We thought setting the security level to Essentially Off would help, then we set the Challenge Passage to 1 year, and turned off the Browser Integrity Check, but it still happens when a first-time user tries to access a page on our site for the first time.

Users will briefly see the “Checking the site connection security” window (like in the attached screenshot), but then instead of being directed to the URL they typed in or scanned in the QR code, they are redirected to the home page instead. We don’t mind the security check but wish the user would be routed to the URL they intended to visit instead of back to the home page. Thanks!

I just tried in incognito & not from multiple browsers and was not challenged and landed on Can you share the QR code, might be worth trying from a mobile. And, beautiful dogs.

We really appreciate you taking the time to help. And that’s so odd that you weren’t challenged as I had a friend test it yesterday from his personal laptop and was met with the challenge and redirected to the home page on his first attempt, but then after that, everything worked fine. Attached is the QR code we are using to direct people to our event page. Thanks again!
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 8.50.59 AM

Thank you. I just scanned that on a mobile device and landed on the proper page. Flagging for the @MVP to see if they can help troubleshoot.

QR resolves to

I personally can’t replicate the Cloudflare security page showing up, both on mobile (via VPN - iCloud Private Relay) and on desktop.

To test this maybe someone can try connecting from a really bad VPN provider / tor?

To be honest, I’ve also never ever seen “Checking the site connection security” ever on a CF website, and that robot seems a little out-of-place for a Cloudflare graphic. Do you have any Wordpress security plugins set up? Maybe you could also ask your website host if this is their security popup, since I really doubt this is a Cloudflare page.

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Thank you so much for looking into that! You both have been very helpful in narrowing down the issue. We use Siteground as our WP host so we will check with them to see if that could be the issue. Much appreciated!


I connected from Tor and wound up at the event page. I had to try twice, but that is not out of the ordinary since Tor can introduce unexpected delay.

On my third attempt, I saw the non-Cloudflare security check after passingTurnstile, but still wound up on the event page.

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