Issue with Proxy A record in my domain

Previously I used my domain name as a redirect to a wix site using a CNAME record to point to, but now I have transitioned to my own hosting. But when I access the website with Proxy on. It still redirects me to the wix site. When it’s off it works as expected. Please advise me on what to do.
Thank you

Is that record still pointing? If so, try removing it, also remove the redirection set.

If so, you may have added the server ip address. Check if not!

If the above mentioned look good, then this be related to this: Use the Liberate hostname tool

I have tried all solutions. I have completely removed the record for redirection and pointing to my server. I also tried the tool. It didn’t work.

Would you share the domain?

I see its a redirect set. Remove the same.

I have removed the CNAME to an A record. I can post screenshots here?

Go ahead

As I already said, its nothing to do with your record. There’s a redirect set. Remove that. Its gonna fix.

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Right. Gotcha. I removed it. Imma try it out

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Right it worked. Thanks everyone for the help.

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