Issue with ownCloud hidden behind Cloudflare proxy

Dear Community,

Since Cloudflare Support didn’t offer any solution or tips, I will ask a question here.
We have a web server hosting onwcloud in the latest, most recent version - ownCloud 10.9.1 (stable).
When the server is hidden behind the Cloudlare’s proxy there are problems with listing folders / items on this website. The following messages appear on ownCloud website: “An error occurred while loading external mount point […]” and “Directory “/” not found”.
If we disable the proxy for this site and it is accessible directly under its public IP over https, everything works fine. The problem only occurs when the site is proxied by Cloudflare.

Has anyone had similar issues with ownCloud behind Cloudflare’s proxy?


When it is not proxied, does it work fine on HTTPS?

Hi sandro,
Yes, it works perfect without Cloudflare’s proxy.

But on HTTPS?

Yes, on HTTPS.

And your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict?

Yes it is:
“### Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)”

All right, in that case the setup should be properly configured and the error message would come directly from your server. Check if you have any IP restrictions on your server.

I’ve checked this and there are not restrictions based on source IP for this server.

As the message is still coming from your server, it will be best to check its logs in that case.

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