Issue with new BlueHost account


I’ve registered the domain with Cloudflare and checked all DNS settings - BlueHost support instructed me to create an “@“ DNS host name however Cloudflare dashboard says this hostname already exists - the closest I have to that is the wildcard asterisk.

Right now, my website will load via the TLD - it shows a “Coming soon…” page. BlueHost Support checked the DNS and it was shown active, nameservers are set to Cloudflare.

My BlueHost SSL/TLS Status is also showing an error with AutoSSL for the TLD. However they said that would be fixed via an A and CNAME DNS entry. Both of which already exist.

I done all of this about 21:00 EST 7/21. Am I inpatient or is there an issue? Have I missed something?

Edit- I forgot to include the TDL in question -

@ is the equivalent of, which I can tell you already have set up. It may be an “A” record. Same with the ‘www’ record. You will have to delete those and replace them with what BlueHost wants you to do.


Thank you for your reply - I double checked the information that BlueHost gave me vs what the Cloudflare dashboard displays and it is correct. That’s where I’m not understanding the issue, since BlueHost confirms my public_html displays correctly.

Oh, hey! It just changed for me! If that site is supposed to have an image background…I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t consistently get it to appear on that theme.


It’s actually not meant to have a background image. I have it as minimal as possible to be a quicker served website. It’s strictly for this business venture to display information.

Thanks for your assistance!


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