Issue with Nameservers & DNS

on NameBright we’ve pointed our nameservers to Cloudflare correctly, but for some reason it was failing to propagate in some regions. It appears to be somewhat fixed now, but it’s still failing to propagate the root A record… And when it does seem to be propagated, it doesn’t look to be working…

You have not disabled DNSSEC before changing your nameservers. You need to do that.


extra info: According to MxToolbox and WhatsmyDNS CF is reporting the records just fine, but when I try to tracert locally it’s failing to resolve.

I figured it was something to do with DNSSEC from reading some of the other posts on here. I will try this with the domain owner.

Namebright does not appear to have any setting for DNSSEC. Any suggestions?

Did you transfer the domain to Namebright recently?

Their whois data claims that the domain does not have DNSSEC, but there is a DS record in the .com zone, which means it actually is enabled.

My guess is that the domain had DNSSEC enabled at a previous registrar and was then transferred to Namebright. In any case, you should probably contact their support and ask about a solution.

Yes it was a recent transfer. We have reached out to their support about DNSSEC and a resolution relating to it. Unfortunately it’s sunday so we’ll have to wait til tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

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