Issue with nameserver

The nameserver they give me when I sign up here is different from the one I have on Namecheap. How can I fix that?

Namecheap servers are:

and they gave me:

Change the nameservers set at Namecheap to the ones Cloudflare is asking you to set.

If Cloudflare nameservers are already set at Namecheap, you must have done this already. For the nameservers to have changed, either the domain was deleted and re-added to your Cloudflare account, you set the nameservers for your account before adding the domain to Cloudflare or you have created and are using a different Cloudflare account from before.

I set the nameserver in Namecheap before I signed her, but when I signed I found the nameserver different from the one I created on Namecheap.

You’ll need to update them at Namecheap again.

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