Issue with my vps and dns settings

I’m experiencing issues with making cloudflare point to my VPS, my VPS was provided by namecheap and so was the domain, I’ve linked the domain to cloudflare however and in my DNS settings on cloudflare I’ve created 2 A records that point my domain (www & @) to the VPS IP.

However, it’s just not working, I’m receiving this error:
despite the VPS server actually being up and I can access it.

The red covering is covering my VPS IP to prevent DDOs attacks.
But when i go to the vps ip it actually loads the site, but not with the domain, help?

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Also, since I can’t attach another image, here’s the error I’m getting if you guys don’t want to go to the site.

Hi @business.nowwelearn,

A 521 error happens when Cloudflare is unable to make a TCP connection to your origin server. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for Quick Fix Ideas.

Thank you, this has fixed all my issues, I simply had to set the SSL settings to flexible. :slight_smile:

You should most definitely read Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice - although it appears to fix some issues, it causes many others and your site is not secure.

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