Issue with my ezoic integration

Hi Team,

I was integrating my website with ezoic through the Cloudflare DNS option. Ezoic support says that “There is a compatibility issue with your integration, Cloudflare DDoS Protection is blocking the request to the origin”. They are saying to contact Cloudflare support to remove this. Please help.


Thank You
Rajat Tyagi

Greetings, I am sorry to hear that, but unfortunately there were some topics before regarding people having some errors or issues with eZoic and Cloudflare integration.

This seems to me as, may I ask, is your domain currently using Cloudflare?
If yes, unfortunately I haven’t encountered the same issue as they stated.
Regarding DDoS Protection which is blocking the request, I really cannot figure it out what is going on.
Maybe the ads cannot be shown at your Website?
Is their dashboard saying anything else?

If so, well we can do a re-check to try to troubleshoot if anything from below could be the reason why did you got this issue:

  1. Have you got an “I am Under an Attack!” mode enabled for your domain at Cloudflare dashboard?
  2. Have you got some Firewall Rules setup and enabled?

Therefore, regarding eZoic integration through their dashboard (interface), have you re-checked, as far as I remember, they asked you to provide either your’s Cloudflare credentials, or, it could be they have updated something, and they are asking for Cloudflare Global API key?

Furthermore, have you already followed the articles below?:

There are two ways as I remember:

  1. Going with Cloudflare integration and having Cloudflare nameservers
  2. Changing domain nameservers to eZoic ones and then using their interface to apply all and any changes regarding the Cloudflare dashboard

Further more, upon successfull integration, just to take a note here as any changes you would want to make for your domain, you would have to do it through their eZoic interface.

Otherwise, if you change something at Cloudflare dashboard, but not through the eZoic interface, it will be reverted back to originals (there were few topics about where people have had changed or added a new or existing DNS record and it was removed somehow without a notice).

Maybe some other helpful topic about eZoic here at Cloudflare Community using :search::

Thanks for the reply.

I am using cloudflare, under attack mode is off, bot protection is on, there is no firewall rule. Ads are not showing also.

I was using ezoic with cloudflare integration but I removed that last week because my website’s became very slow. I thought i could use ezoic through WordPress integration with a plugin. I also manually deleted DNS records which was filled by ezoic automatically after providing cloudflare authentication.

Now WordPress plugin option also did not work so i tried to integrate my website again through the cloudflare DNS option. Ezoic again added DNS records.
Now ezoic dashboard says that we are waiting for the dns propagation and sellers entries in the ads.txt file not found.

After two days I contacted their support and they said that cloudflare ddos is blocking the request to origin.

Please help on this “Cloudflare DDoS Protection is blocking the request to the origin” as suggested by the Ezoic support. Please let me know if any other information is required.

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