Issue with mx and txt name

The MX records and TXT record I circled on the screenshot: are not propagating for your domain

How can I fix it??

Can you check the 2 Cloudflare nameservers shown at the bottom of your DNS page. Currently they are set to and

How can I fix the DNS for email? Can you do that for me?

Start by checking the nameservers like @sjr asked.

Cloudflare is a self-service platform. Neither community members nor Cloudflare staff can change your DNS.

I don’t have an issue with the domain but I have it with the mail

why are there differences between PC 5 and PC 6?

PC 6

I’m don’t know what you mean by

The only visible differences that are readily noticeable are that you haven’t filled in required fields in the first image and you have cropped out the top summary line in the second image.

None of what you have shown is relevant to the next steps involved in solving your problem.

You need to answer the previous question.

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Can you explain how can i benefit from this information?

How can fix the issue shown in the picture?

The main issue I have now my email receive but doesn’t send email

We are trying to check that the Cloudflare account you are logged in to is actually the one controlling the domain name. If your DNS changes are having no effect, this is one possible reason so needs to be checked.

So again, can you go to the bottom of this page…
…and see what the 2 Cloudflare name servers are.


The reply from @sjr covered that.

Unless you provide the requested information, you can’t.

Is this what you ask about?

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Yes, this confirms that the reason your DNS records don’t show publically is that you are not in the Cloudflare account that is currently active for your domain (or you have at some point deleted and re-added the domain to a Cloudflare account).

You either need to use that account, or find out who set it up for you and get them to do it. Or you can switch to using the account you are currently logged in to by changing the nameservers at your registrar (Namecheap) to galilea and julian (they are currently cash and jessica).


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