Issue with mobile redirection

When I set the mobile redirection to autoconfig+ Name. After preserving the path. I can’t find my mobile website address on Google Assessment anymore returns a 526 error

$ curl -I
HTTP/2 526
date: Fri, 04 Aug 2023 05:03:18 GMT
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I have contacted the siteground technicians and they have checked my SSL certificate and there are no issues. Now I have set the SSL certificate in Cloudflare to Full instead of Full Strict, and my website can be found on Google Speed on the mobile end. But my mobile website content seems to have become something I don’t know, why is that? How can I turn this unfamiliar mobile website content into my website’s mobile content?

The general advice is to use Full Strict, not Full.

This is what I see on which explains everything.

But when I set SSL to completely strict, Google Speed couldn’t find my mobile URL anymore. How to solve this problem? I have asked the technical staff of siteground and they said there are no issues with my SSL settings. How can I set up my mobile redirection function on Cloudflare to work properly?

Did you look at the second screenshot in my last post?

Sorry, I’m not a computer professional and I didn’t understand the advice you gave just now. Now I have set the SSL certificate to full strict and follow your suggestion to wait for the result after 72 hours. But now Google Speed can’t find my website. Am I doing the right thing?

Look at the screenshot below. Can you see the URL starts with https://? This means SSL is active. This means the issue has nothing to do with SSL.

What the screenshot also shows is the content served is that of a parking/default page. This likely means the server isn’t configured for the domain This is why the page is not found because it doesn’t exist!

Neither am I.

I have sought the help of siteground. They asked me to reset the DNS content of the Subdomain autoconfig.changyuanflex. com in cloudflare. But I don’t know the relevant information of this Subdomain DNS. Please help me check it and guide me how to do it

To solve this problem, should I purchase a new Subdomain from Cloudflare? The Subdomain autoconfig.changyuanflex. com has not been registered yet.

That isn’t a subdomain in the image, that is an entirely new domain.

Please, find and pay a professional to help you.

Do you have paid consulting services? I want to ask for your help, because I bought cloudflare’s cdn acceleration servic

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