Issue with Mirage


I have actually just contacted support, but having just found this community, I thought I would post my question here too for wider airing.

To add detail to the message below, when I turned Mirage on, the slider portal displayed a super-close-up of the image in question (ie not a scaled, responsive version)

My message:

Firstly I know that Mirage is in Beta (though I note that it has been in Beta for over 4 years) but it does not work with my website.

Being a photographer, my website is very picture-heavy and it is vital that I get to serve device-appropriate image sizes both for user experience and Google algorithms.

So my request us two-fold:

1.) Could you send my site to your developers so that they can help address the particular problem with my website and maybe roll out a fix in the next version of Mirage. I use a Wordpress plug-in which is first in its class called Royal Slider This would be my preferred solution to my problem! I could also adapt my website (I am reasonably techie) to make it compatible with Mirage and/or contact the developer.

  1. If they can’t get a fix, is it worth trying to deliver any different sizes from my server? I suspect not, as Cloudflare will be making the decisions/responses to device sizes.

If neither of these solutions can be arrived at, I will regrettably have to reconsider my CND policy as I can’t really continue with serving the same images that have to satisfy the critical eyes of a viewer on a 27" iMac to a viewer on an iPhone with a 3G connection!

I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks in anticipation


Hi there - did you ever get this resolved? If not please file a ticket with support @ Cloudflare (if you haven’t already) and let me know the ticket number.