Issue with grace period after contact change


Is there someone who could help with a ticket regarding a registrar issue? I’ve reported that the domain gets locked for 60 days no matters whether you choose to opt out from it during a contact change or not and the ticket is not getting any response ever since.


Would appreciate an information of what’s going on with that issue as I was hoping I could transfer the domain soon.

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Do you have a different ticket? I see a lot of conversation back n forth on the ticket you shared. If there is another one we should check, let us know.

I imagine that is gated by any transfer lock based on previous activity, but I’ve added myself to the ticket to track the ongoing progress.

Thanks for taking a look.

I just have got a response yesterday. For reference - this post was made 3 days ago.

Unfortunately the support agent that is currently taking care of the ticket doesn’t seem to know Cloudflare’s own documentation so a help would still be appreciated.

Copying + pasting explanation from Discord below as honestly this turned into kind of frustrating experience.

I have been using cloudflare for quite a while , but honestly I got disappointed today. Cloudflare support seems to not know their own products instead of just agreeing that its system doesn't work correctly. It's my 11th day of trying to prove. For the first 10 days my ticket has been completely ignored regardless "urgent" status. After that another agent got back to me without even bothering to review information provided before. The priority of the ticket also got changed. The ticket also has been kept getting closed with incorrect information. In my personal case it was agent saying that both parties have to opt out of transfer lock, what's completely incorrect basing on cloudflare's documentation, which says that "opt out" option is only shown to current contact and not the new one.

From info I have received @Walshy had already asked someone on Registry team to look into the issue so fingers crossed that this is gonna be resolved.

Even if its not possible to remove the transfer restriction, Id be glad to hear that you got this issue fixed at least.

The issue has finally been resolved by support. Engineers are working on a fix.