Issue with Fruition – Notion Website

Hey guys,

I’m having issues setting up my Notion page through Fruition. The website works through a VPN and 4g connection but won’t work over wifi.

I believe the problem is in the DNS configuration but I have just learned about them so can’t fully understand.

This is my current situation:

Cloudflare won’t proxy the DNS Type A as the following error happens: DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) This record type cannot be proxied.

This is the guide I’m following:

Thank you in advance!

I am afraid this shouldn’t work while having an A pointed to, as far as the error says it all:

You should point it to your hosting / server IP address instead where your content is hosted.

In case you want to use some redirects from www to non-www or vice versa, you could use Page Rules:

Kindly, do not apply the instructions from the step 8. which says Select Flexible SSL/TLS encryption mode as far as it’s not recommended, neither secure, and there have been issues with it about which you can find out more on below article:

Have a look here for more information regarding correct SSL settings:


Thank you very much for the fast and kind answer!

I’ll have a look at everything you’ve pointed me to right away. However, could you suggest where I may find my “your hosting / server IP”? I’m not familiar with this and am not sure about where exactly to look for it.

Thank you in advance!

Never mind, I found it on the Network settings on a Mac and changed the A accordingly.

Now the site seems to work fine!

Thank you again!

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