Issue with Firewall Rule and Bot fight mod

Hello everyone, 
Hope someone can guide me on this. 

I have whitelist one user agent "Klaviyo/1.0" via Firewall rules. ''
But still when trying to access to website Cloudflare "Bot Fight Mode" Tool is blocking it. ''

I did try setting the firewall rule like: ''
Still doesn't work. 

I can't turn off the Bot fight mod for security reasons. 
Any help will be highly appreciated. 

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You can not bypass any bot management products. From the docs

Currently, you cannot bypass Bot Fight Mode or Super Bot Fight Mode. For more information on these products, refer to Cloudflare bot solutions.


You can upgrade to bot management.

It costs somewhere around $50k (starting price) a year but you will be able to use firewall rules to allowlist anything you want.

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Ha, ha thats too much. Its better if i download CSF and set it up on my own server rather then using CF in this case.

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