Issue with Ezoic and Cloudflare

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if this is the right spot to post this however I’m having an issue with integration my site that has Cloudflare with Ezoic. From Ezoic, I have downloaded the cloudflare app and it asks for me to sign in with my existing Cloudflare Account. When doing so I get the below error message:

Failed to setup cloudflare for domain WARNING: cloudflare api error (217) CloudFlare is not servicing “” through Ezoic Inc… If you are the rightful owner, you can swap over by deleting any previous CloudFlare domain sign-up and restarting this process. You may also [contact CloudFlare] and reference this message (#217).

I have edited out my actual domain name but I was already a cloudflare customer with the site and Cloudflare is definitely servicing the site as I do get analytics.

Any help would be appreciated!

Did you previously register your domain on Cloudflare yourself? Maybe you need to have it through an Ezoic account?

If so, I think the only option would be to follow the info in the message - namely delete the domain form your account and recreate it via Ezoic. Probably some ‘staging area’ would be needed to host your DNS as you delete the existing account and recreate via Ezoic.

I don’t tend to use ‘Cloudflare via blah-blah-blah’ myself as I want full control so also have a good think if you really need it managed via Ezoic.

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