Issue with domain ownership validation of AWS Certificate Manager

I requested certificate with multiple domains:

I created all necessary CNAME records in Cloudflare and set them to DNS Only
But a day later only and * were verified.

Maybe Cloudflare has some issues with subdomains of 3 level and above?

For DNS only there is no issue with multiple levels.

Did you create records for *, or for

no, I assumed that to verify I should just create a suggested by AWS CM CName record.

But when I’m trying to create a record like * cloudflare doesn’t allow to proxy it and switches to DNS Only.
Does it mean that I won’t be able to use Cloudflare features like DDoS mitigation if domain will be resolved by the record with wildcard?

Correct. Only the Enterprise plan allows for proxying wildcard records, on all other plans you need to manually create the needed records to proxy.

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