Issue with domain nameservers

I’m encountering an issue with my domain where it is suggesting the usage of different nameservers than the ones I currently have in place. It’s worth noting that the nameservers I’ve set up are functioning correctly for all my other domains. However, this particular domain seems to require a change in nameserver configuration. Any guidance or suggestions regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cloudflare nameservers are domain-specific and not account-level. While in most cases you are assigned the same pair for different domains in the same account, this isn’t always true, and it’s normal and not a problem for one domain to get different ones. Just use the ones indicated for that domain.

Damn, that sucks now I can’t remember my ns anymore, thank you!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Click on the domain that you need find the nameservers.
  3. Go to the DNS tab.
  4. Make note of the nameservers provided there.

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