Issue with DNS

I have a strange issue. The DNS for texaspetsalivedotorg was moved to namecheap and the Cloudflare servers are set for DNS. texaspetsalivedotorg works fine. There is a CNAME for www to resolve to texaspetsalivedotorg. wwwdottexaspetsalivedotorg goes to a nationbuilder error page for some weird reason. Nationbuilder was the old site host. However, it works fine when I turn off the slider proxy from the CNAME record. When I ping the proxied CNAME the www and non-www to the same IP. Any ideas as to what could be happening?

It sounds like a case of this:

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We have another website going through the same provider and Cloudflare. They are set up the same way. I would think if that were the issue they would both be having the same issue.

I am put in a ticket for nationbuilder. I guess it is possible they didn’t delete DNS records after the move.

Nation builder just told me they also use Cloudflare and are trying to fix something on their end.

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