Issue with DNS setup

Dear all,

after creating my cloudflare account in pro plan, I found this message under DNS app:

“A few more steps are required to complete your setup.
Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.”

keeping in mind that I don’t see any grey-clouded records to convert to orange-clouded records, see attched photo,
you will see a mark beside the MX record says" this record exposes IP behind which you have proxied through cloudflare"

how can I perform required proxy and solve this issue?

The MX record is leaking the IP. Since MX / mail records are using different protocols than HTTP, Cloudflare will not proxy this.

Dear TomKlein,

thanks for your support, how can I solve this in my server ?

If you want to use this IP as your mail server, you’d have to ignore this warning.

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