Issue with DNS record being redirected


We had a setup before which is running for example then when we activated Cloudflare we changed our domain to which was working fine. Now we ran into an issue on the new URL( so we needed to revert back to The problem is whenever we execute or proxy to the old URL( Cloudflare automatically redirects it back to new URL( Can you guys please help?

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Have you checked for redirect rules in your Cloudflare account?

Were you using your domain with a service provider who used Cloudflare?

Hi, Thank you so much for the quick response. We we’re not using Cloudflare before so this was supposed to be the first time. I have checked redirect rules but there is no configuration implemented there as of the moment. All new domain redirected to the same IP before gets automatically redirected to the previous URL which should not be active anymore.

You may not have been, but you may have been using a service provider who was, such as Shopify, ClickFunnels, or WPEngine. If that was the case, it has been observed where the previous provider still has a particular name in their account which will have priority, thereby causing unexpected results. The linked article contains a method to resolve that situating.

If that is not the cause, it will be difficult to offer more specific guidance without the actual names that are exhibiting the behavior.


Thanks again for this but we we’re running just woocommerce on our site and have our own installation of wordpress as well. Our server was setup manually before we implemented Cloudflare. With regards to the actual names, here are the URL’s that we are using ‘’ (original staging URL) then shifted to ‘’. This worked when we activated Cloudflare but we needed to go back ‘’ again due to caching plugin integration. When we revert back all of the other new subdomain we implement for example ‘’ or ‘’, all of this gets redirected back to ‘’

Define redirected please? Are you receiving a 301/302 response or are you seeing content you dont expect?

For the former, check if a page rule exists… for the latter… the issue is with the origin.

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