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Hi, I’ve been using Cloudflare DNS for a while and recently noticed some connection issues for my site when using DNS proxy service. The issue is during midnight to around 8:30am, the connection to my selfhosted sites behind DNS proxies are unstable. From time to time during this period, it is either very slow or even timeout from client connections. I’ve setup Uptime Kuma to some of my sites to monitor the status, all sites behind DNS proxies have similar issues during the time period, while the reference sites (non-proxied DNS record as well as had no issue at all.

From the attached screenshot, the Home and Search (native) are direct DNS without proxy, and Google is for reference to confirm it’s not my ISP/Internet related issue. All other services are behind DNS proxy and more or less have the similar issues. Again, the weird thing is it only happens during 12am to around 8:30am.

Not sure if anyone else had similar experience? I’d like to keep using the DNS proxy to hide my public IP, but for the issues described above, it’s almost not usable for me during night time.


Hi there,

This does not prove that your ISP is not the cause, it still might be, but it might only be interfering specifically with Cloudflare IP addresses.

Another explanation is that the self-hosted tool you’re using might be getting detected as a bot or some other kind of threat and being blocked in the firewall, and naturally, this does not occur if you disable the proxy.

If you want to do a more reliable test, do it from another location, ideally using another ISP and allowlist the IP you’re testing from with a custom WAF rule.

And another explanation can be your own home router or home server, rate limiting or blocking Cloudflare IP addresses. Make sure these IPs are always allowed under any circumstances at your origin:

Naturally if this where the cause, you also would stop seeing it when the record is gray clouded.

AS a final note, while I was writing this I decided to check your settings and noticed that you have both IPv6 and IPv4 records, but if you force the hostname to your current IPv6 it does not resolve, so I would look into that. Maybe delete the AAAA records and leave only the A.
By default, Cloudflare prefers IPv4 to origin anyway.

Take care.

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