Issue with cloudflare website

Could not send a support ticket as the supprt form is broken.
It requires me to use a domain (the checkbox that say “My issue is not domain related” does not respond to click) but when I click on “Select your domain below” nothing happen neither
and I thus cannot proceed.

My problem was another issue though. In the “cloudflare worker” settings I wanted add environment variables but after adding them and click “save” nothing happen. the “save” remain and when I reload all my environment variables are not there anymore

You can always send an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com.


Have you tried in incognito mode or another browser? I can’t replicate this issue from my side.

Yep, I tried that, same issue

Try open F12 Developer Tools in your browser, click the Network tab, and then attempt to add the environment variable in the Cloudflare dashboard. After that, go back to the Network tab and see is there any requests failing.

I can see 2 request going on click to “save” and both are 200 OK

Are you able to inspect the response returned from Cloudflare?

It just the string “OK”

These seems to be event log request though :

So I guess for some reason, the “send” button does not do its job, I submitted a ticket but cannot do much until this is fixed

Ok, it seems to be that even thoigh cloudflare let you click “edit” it does not allow to add variable if you upload your worker via wrangler

This is kind of annoying as do not want to write some of my env in the wrangler.toml file
I guess I could generate it locally before deploying but I wonder why cloudflare do not allow to have extra env variable setup from the interface

I actually cannot get that under my plan. Received an email saying that email support is not available for me :frowning:
So I guess I ll have to wait until someone have the same issue (cannot send support via the UI) and report it :frowning:

Can you share the ticket number here?

this is the ticket number: 2268151
Note that this ticket is about the worker “save” button issue

If @tobi is still around, maybe he can take a look at this ticket.

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Im having a look at the ticket now.

I tried to replicate the issue on my end but was unable to:

I have updated the ticket. Please see the response.