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Since yesterday, I have had trouble getting the Cloudflare sign-in page to load. I have a screenshot of the page I receive attached.

This morning when the problem was still occurring I decided to dive a bit deeper into what was going on to get even more confused.

On my main desktop computer, no browser will load the login page properly. This was working during the past week with zero issues. I cleared caches and ensured each browser was updated with no success.

This morning I turned on my laptop and the problem was there as well.

I had my laptop use my phone as a hotspot to circumvent anything odd that may be occurring on my internal network. Strangely at this point I could login with Chrome, but not Firefox. I did run an update on firefox for the latest version and it logged in successfully.

I put my laptop back on my internal network and only Chrome would allow me to sign in, which is how I am posting this message. But Firefox went back to the error page again.

Cloudflare still loads the same error page. I don’t see any outages on the cloudflare status pages (i’m on the east coast).

Thoughts? is there an unreported sign in issue going on?

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