Issue With Cloudflare & Hosting Timeouts


Over the last few days, I have spent considerable time trying to deal with an issue on all of my websites utilizing Cloudflare.
Specifically, the websites had intermittent timeouts and incredibly long load times. The DNS records are managed via Cloudflare and point to my hosting via A Record, and nothing was changed in this regard. Tools like APO and other Cloudflare speed offerings were also being utilized. Nothing was changed.
At first, I thought this must be a hosting outage, but after much back and forth with my admittedly terrible hosting provider, everything seemed OK. I finally saw how to pause Cloudflare on the websites, and that resolved the issue. From my understanding, the DNS is still managed on Cloudflare, but the speed and security tools are not in effect. I would like to go back to using Cloudflare’s speed and security tools, but I have to resolve the intermittent outage issue.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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