Issue with cloudflare config


I seem to be having a number of issues with my Cloudflare config. Many things are not making any sense to me at the moment.

  1. I have noticed a massive drop in traffic within analytics from the “Normal” However, When I pause cloudflare it all starts to come flowing back. However, I am still seeing normal access everywhere when I connect to VPN severs around the world. Also, all my website rankings are totally fine and I can see see plently of traffic (normal traffic flow via local logs.

However, when I pause cloudflare I can see the traffic analytics start to rise once more. I have not added new IP blocks lately and I have removed about 10 of my most recent ones as a troubleshooting step.

  1. Also. My WAF rules dont seem to be no longer working at all.

I have a pro account and using both zone lock down and manual rules to lock down /wp-admin and wp-login.php to my single IP. This is not working at all and all IPs can get to my wp-admin page. Only my local Wordfence country blocking is stopping that when normally CF would block it.

Many things on my account are not making any sense to me at the moment for site - www. techbusinessnews .com .au


It looks like I have found the answer to this. And it’s resolved a number if issues for me.

I removed my quic cloud cname and went direct to my hosting server for a “A”:record for www.

I now see all the traffic flowing back in cloudflare analytics and it looks good although uncached responses seem to be very slow especially loading images.

So it looks like quic IP proxy address may have been blocked in cloudflare.

The thing is. They have a very large amount of IPs. How can I check in cloudflare if one of these IPs is blocked without checking one by one?

Is there a way to check this in bulk?

I can now see Cloudflare analytics come up sense removed quic cloud cname and using “A” record for server and proxying it.