Issue with Cloudflare Cache Everything Page Rule and Adsense Ads Loading Delay

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is MD Habibur Rahman, and I’ve been using Cloudflare along with WP Rocket and, more recently, Litespeed Cache for my website

I’ve encountered an issue related to the “Cache Everything” page rule on Cloudflare. When this rule is active, I’ve noticed a delay in the loading of Adsense ads on my site. The ads only load after user interaction, such as clicking or scrolling. However, when I disable the “Cache Everything” page rule, the ads load promptly and without delay.

It’s worth noting that in development mode with Cloudflare paused, the ads also load fine. This issue seems to be specific to the combination of the “Cache Everything” page rule and Litespeed Cache.

I would appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide to resolve this matter. I value the services Cloudflare provides and want to ensure the seamless integration of your platform with my website.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt assistance and resolution.

Best regards,
MD Habibur Rahman

Hi there,

I’m not familiar on how Litespeed works, but browsing a few support tickets on WP support forum, it seems the plugin is expecting Cloudflare to only cache static resources (default cache behavior), so the fact that you’re specifically creating a rule to cache all, might be interfering with the plugin expected response.

My advice is that you should probably try and disable lightspeed and see if that fixes it, if it does, then it’s a matter of weighting if its more advantageous to have a cache all rule over at Cloudflare or the plugin enabled with Cloudflare default cache.

You can also try and contact lightspeed support and reporting your particular use case… it might be something they overlooked or something they already have a fix/workaround.

Take care.

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Hey Habib, did you solve the problem?

If so, what was it?

I’m facing the same problem, but I don’t want to give up Page Cache Rule Everything because of performance. Thank you for the answer.