Issue with Cloudflare Apps

Hi there,
I have just install the PACE App and also the Google Fonts App, they appear perfectly on Cloudflare tab but when In tried with my browser they doesn’t appear so I tried with my phone but the same problem , then I deleted website’s cash on Cloudflare Dashboard and also I did the same for cookies but no avail .
Before that I decided to create a Topic I did a fast search on Google and I saw a same Topics problem, I tried also to do the same for me but all my attemps failed .
So please provide me with a solution .
My website URL :
Thanks to Cloudflare .

The only error I see on the website website is a 404 error for “default.css”. Try reinstalling the apps?

@smalldoink my default style file is /css/style.css
try with it, about reinstalling I already tried but the same problem .