Issue with challenged users and a web chat feature

I have a simple chat on my site which pings a file on the server every so often to check for new messages. The issue is when a challenged user joins the site, every time it pings the file it shows up as a challenge on the firewall. So this is creating thousands of false positive challenges, the user isn’t actually challenged again.

How can I go about fixing this?


  1. Please tell us your domain if you feel comfortable to make it public.

Unfortunately I cannot.

The chat is pretty basic. A form captures text which is added into a .html file. This .html file is checked with ajax every 5 seconds. If there’s a change from the previous check, it refreshes the chat with another .html file that has all past messages.

Any ideas? If I could soeme how “whitelist” these 2 .html files from the firewall I think it would solve my problem.

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