Issue with "Cache Everything" Page Rule Causing 403 Forbidden Error for 10% of User


Hello Cloudflare Community,
My website- and

I’ve recently encountered an issue on my website where approximately 10% of my users are receiving a 403 Forbidden error when I enable the “Cache Everything” page rule. This problem seems to arise only when the rule is active, and it’s affecting a significant portion of my audience, impacting their access to the site.

Here are some details about my setup and what I’ve observed:

  • The issue only occurs when the “Cache Everything” page rule is turned on. When disabled, the site operates normally without any 403 errors.

  • The error doesn’t seem to target any specific geographic location or browser type; it’s seemingly random across my user base. But because of my 90% users arefrom Bangladesh and only the Bangladeshi visitor reported this issue.

  • It’s not a hostinf problem I tried both of my hosting “Hostinger and a2hosting” the same issue persist.

  • Even though my site is live I am seeimg 403 error in mx tools. Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

  • I have confirmed that the affected URLs are not inherently restricted or configured to deny access, as they load correctly for the majority of users and when the cache rule is off.

  • My Cloudflare security settings have not been changed recently, and I’ve reviewed them to ensure there’s nothing that might inadvertently block these users.

  • I’ve also checked my server logs, but there’s no indication of issues on the hosting side that would cause a 403 error.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has faced a similar issue or if there are known conflicts with the “Cache Everything” rule that might lead to this behavior. I’m particularly interested in any troubleshooting steps I can take to further diagnose or resolve the issue, as well as any configurations within Cloudflare that I might have overlooked.

Any insights, experiences, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m eager to ensure a smooth and accessible experience for all my users, and resolving this caching issue is critical.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

That may be being blocked if it appears to be a bot. It is working ok for me…

If the 403 responses are from Cloudflare, there will be a ray ID on the page. You can search for that in your security event log to find the reason why the user request was blocked.

I cannot see any ray id on the page, Website is working for me too. But it’s blocked and showing 403 error for me visitor who is not bot. And when he connected to a vpn or change his ip website is working fine.

That’s not a Cloudflare page. You will need to check on your server or with your host as the 403 is coming from there, not Cloudflare.

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