Issue with cache and WP post subtitle

Hello, I’m having an issue with the post subtitle not showing when the post is published.
The site (a newspaper) is working together with cloudflare, this behaviour started when I changed a CF rule (from cache level standard to caché everything, with no Edge cache so the post cache is retrieved directly from W3 Total cache), the usual is that once the post is published I don’t see the subtitle until quite a while or when the post is updated (on purpose so the subtitle appears).
I also have a similar issue with the post publishing time on the category and post pages, the template shows when the post was published (like 23 minutes ago, etc). The problem is that the post in the category page shows 4 minutes ago and the post page shows 13 seconds ago.
I dont know if is there a way to improve this behavior.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Not correct. Without setting an Edge Cache TTL, a page is still cached at Cloudflare. But it will use the default Edge Cache TTL (same as Images, CSS, and JS).

This is one more reason the Cache Everything setting is risky for dynamic sites such as WordPress.

Thank you for reply, I did have the edge cache configured, but was having an issue with users seeing the wordpress toolbar, some admin users names were showing on the top right corner, so I had to remove it.
Yes the site is very dynamic, between 180 and 230 daily posts.
Thoughts, suggestions?
thank you!

I recommend you try APO. It’s free on paid plans. Else it’s $5/month on the free plan.

It won’t cache unwanted elements caused by logged in users. APO should also be smarter about cache purges. So, even with ~200 posts per day, only the relevant pages will be purged from cache, and everything else will remain fast.

Thank you
one final question if i may, If I enable APO that rule of cache everything must be disabled?

Yes. APO will take the place of that rule.

Thank you for your reply, I’ll try it

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Hello @sdayman

I did try APO, activated from the CF plugin and deactivated the Cache everything rule on CF.
Was working fine (even that didnt fix the subtitles issue), or so I thought, then some odd things started to happen.
First the editors told me that the page navigation, second page, was showing old news, I thought was browser cache until I got to see it with my own eyes. First category page was good, but when moving on to the second page, all the articles, including the slider at top, where showing post 4 days old. At the same time I was confirming this behavior the editors told me that they couldnt see a new post at homepage. Even re-editing it couldnt force it to appear, so I dectivate APO and returned the Cache Everything rule, but the home page still showed old posts (not the new ones), it only shows the recent posts when the cache everything rule is deactivated (dynamic cache), but obviously this brings more load to the server. The thing is that if I reactivate the rule (as it was when I wrote this post), the homepage shows yesterday posts, if I deactivate the rule and enable APO it shows the same yesterday posts (no change). So it seems that I can’t go back to the status quo, I even purged the server cache (w3 total cache plugin), no change.
Definitely Im lost, I did have a problem with the subtitles but the cache was working fine, now I can’t go back to the starting point (cache everything, no APO).
Am I missing something?
Since the old posts are showing when activating the cache e. rule or APO I think is due to the CF cache, so I thought purging the CF cache, but after investigating seems that this shouldn’t be done, since the cache is always renewing.

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